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26th-Jan-2009 09:43 pm(no subject)
[ Although she knew her way around the bathhouse alot better than when she had first arrived, there was still the rather obvious problem of her being a clutz. She managed tripping over her shoelace and therefore spilling a bucket containing a reasonably large amount of dirty water all over a rather important looking customer. She clumsily got up and squeaked apolagies up at him in a small yet high pitched, intimidated voice. After he stormed off muttering a stream of different insults under his breath, she kneeled down into the wet carpet and attempted to soak up some of the mess with a dry towel.]
17th-Jan-2009 12:14 pm(no subject)
-staring up at that monstrous cake in almost horror. He's hungry, but the damn thing is in his way. What to do? Cut him a slice?-

There's... A huge cake in my way...
15th-Jan-2009 05:08 pm(no subject)
The time of day is:
until January 25th, 2009
13th-Jan-2009 08:26 pm(no subject)
[[Yako was so incredibly thankful to be back in her normal uniform. She'd done her work, and is now in the garden, crouched down and watching a fledgling bird about the size of a basketball Not the shape! gobble down large strips of meat she'd brought out on a plate]]

...Man Akira-chan, you got big...
8th-Jan-2009 11:21 am(no subject)
tuck hat whink grins
[Wakes up at the middle of night, he can't sleep because of the nightmare. Growling sound of his stomach makes him heads alone to the bottom floor, the empty kitchen. Though he cant cook, steal food in the frige it's the only way.]

Hmm... hungry~~
4th-Jan-2009 03:34 pm(no subject)
-He's sitting on the balcony with a screwdriver in hand and a earphone in his ear, trying to tune his own ATs-

Damn this is hard...
27th-Dec-2008 06:20 pm(no subject)
[ Brook had always liked celebrations. Back when he was alive, parties with his old crew were pretty frequent, the Rumbar pirates never missing any chance of having fun; so it's with great joy that he saw the place was being decorated with great trees and mistletoe, the snowy weather making it only better.
Besides, it had literally been decades since he last had a christmas party. 48 years, if he recalled correctly.
So he put on his best outfit (an old, dusty thing that was miraculously devoid of holes) and played a cheerful winter tune on his violin, and even the freaky spirits around him seemed more bearable somehow.
What he didn't see was the mistletoe hanging above his head, though.]

[[OoC: yey, will be back for a few days. I missed too many fun posts, seriously. Also, mistletoe because when Din told me about it I wondered for ages who in their right mind would want to kiss a skeleton. Need an answer there. C'mon, don't be scared, he's a nice guy after all. Only a bit dead. XD]]

26th-Dec-2008 12:54 am(no subject)
[ aside from the day her life was ruined by that man, this was the most horrific day of her life. How oh how they had forced the woman into something as elaborate as this and gotten away with it? Lucky she didn`t have her sword, and lucky she only had one arm to fight back with--at least he punched a few of those annoying women in the face before it was on completely.

Now she was dancing with some disgusting--She wasn`t even sure what it was, but she took the chance when he was distracted to find a seat as far away from the festivities as possible to breathe and...not kill something. ]
26th-Dec-2008 12:21 pm(no subject)
[ Unlike a few others, Yuuki wasn't at all bothered with having to dance with the guests. Usually, she'd have to be watching others have fun while patrolling the guests for any signs of danger. As she rarely got out of a uniform of some sort, she loved having her knee high, white dress on with her black heels.
She wasn't particulary great at fast dancing, so she sat down for a little to catch her breath. Taking the clip from her hair, she messed it up a little with her hands and patted it back down. Casting brown eyes out to the dance floor, she watched the twirling figures with somewhat interest.]
24th-Dec-2008 10:14 pm(no subject)
[he'd have to repay Haruhi and Yako when he had a chance, without their help he wouldn't be able to have what he now had in his hands.

He'd been prowling the halls back and forth, not really realizing he'd been circling the same corridor for a while now. He was muttering under his breath, what he was saying couldn't quite be discern but he was quite focused since he didn't see the person he ran into]

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